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The PPP- Pandemic, Pandemonium, and Pliability   As you turn to this page and begin to read, you’re probably thinking: “Here goes another one…” The articles, opinions and op-eds have been going viral before the ink pad has a chance to dry. One’s perspective. Another’s perspective. A new tip for the home schooling campaign….. Many […]

Married to Someone with Asperger’s-Like Rigidities? Five Reasons Why Traditional Marriage Counseling WON’T Work!

Therapy can be a real boon for any marriage, not just those seemingly on the brink. Conventional couples’ counselors and therapists save marriages every day. But if your spouse deals with Asperger’s or any other ASD rigidity type issue, it’s critical to factor this in before choosing a therapist. Here are just five reasons why […]

Do I Need Therapy? – Take This Self-Assessment Quiz to Find Out

When trying to assess if you need therapy, you need to figure out if you’re ready for change. This simple self-assessment quiz will help you with that. Work through each of the three parts of the quiz to determine if you’re ready for change. As long as you’re willing to be introspective, you can take […]

MY Child Definitely Does NOT Have ADHD

Mr. and Mrs. C came into my office for a two-hour assessment regarding their 9-year-old, Ben. Ben’s grades had been declining for some time. “He just can’t seem to comprehend and retain the subject matter,” Mrs. C stated. After a thorough history and a battery of questions, I became certain that Ben was, in fact, […]

OCD’d about OCD

Are you neat? Do you like to keep everything organized, orderly and tidy? While these are great character traits in the normal course for both your work environment and your home environment, they can become confining when taken to an extreme. If you have obsessive-compulsive disorder, you take these tendencies to both an extreme and […]


 Do you get sudden spikes of anxiety when you have certain thoughts? Like if you think about hurting someone. Or think about a certain number or a certain way you did something. These things may seem arbitrary to people without OCD. People with OCD on the other hand, this could feel like life or death. […]

Does My Child Have OCD or Is This Normal Kid Stuff?

Did you ever watch your child getting ready for bed and wonder, Is this all normal? Maybe it’s the one more drink ritual, or your child needing to be tucked in “just so” that has you wondering. How about that bedtime story you need to read every single night, twice through, with voices? Or if […]