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Daniel Ifrah provides mental health services and resources for clients and others in the mental health field. He has years of experience in a broad range of disorders, including anxiety, OCD, ADHD, and other behavioral issues.

Daniel is the founder of aspier.org (pronounced ‘aspire’). Aspier is a movement treating all types of rigidities by increasing flexibility and facilitating the development of social skills necessary to progressin all facets of life, including personal relationships. To this end, he also treats couples where one party is managing ASD-Asperger’s.

As the occurrence of high-functioning autism has risen substantially in recent years, Daniel has been at the forefront in using skills both innovative and established to treat Asperger’s and other spectrum disorders.

While Daniel does specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of ASD-Asperger’s, his expertise is not at all limited to the diagnosed.

He has successfully liberated many individuals – of all ages – who have been impacted by rigid behaviors and social issues. His unique approach treating these issues involves a balanced combination of established modalities such as CBT, ACT, and behavior modification therapy.

Once a person has been thoroughly assessed,Mr. Ifrah formulates a custom plan using these modalities.It’s designed to help individuals achieve the flexibility needed to lead more productive and well-rounded lives.

ASD and other rigid type behaviors have a high comorbidity rate with anxiety, OCD, and other behavioral issues. Daniel believes that in order to be a great specialist, one must first be an effective practitioner. As such, he has spent years developing an excellent reputation working with other common disorders.Thisversatilityin experience increases the number of ASD-Asperger’s patients who can benefit from his specialty.

In addition, he considers himself a student of the teachings of world-renowned Asperger specialist Tony Attwood, Ph.D., and is involved in ongoing research with Tony’s clinic in Brisbane, Australia.

Daniel received his master’s degree from Wurzweiler School of Social Work, and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Registered Behavior Technician (RBT).

He dedicates his time to his private practice and increasing awareness and education through Aspier. He is also a clinical member of Chemed’s NYU Langone Child Study Center team, working under the direction of Dr. Glenn Hirsch.

Mr. Ifrah welcomes individuals who require his expertise during any point of their journey. Having been privileged to work closely with Lakewood’s population for nearly a decade, Daniel’s client base includes first-time treatment seekers, as well as individuals who have yet to find the ‘right person’ to helpthem meet their goals.

Mr. Ifrah believes that there are several different factorsnecessary toachieve positive outcomes. Clinical skills and technique are of paramount importance. Fine-tuning technique, consistent trainings, and quality supervision are part of any competent therapists’ career.

However, another key component begins the very moment the client walks into the office. Cultivating the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist is crucialto lasting change and personal growth. It is within that setting that therapeutic techniques are utilized to reach goals. This dynamic is often mistaken as a mere prerequisite for success.In reality, it can actually transform what one may regard as conventional therapeutic skills into super-powered,highly effective interventions.

Daniel currently resides with his wife and seven children in the town of Lakewood, New Jersey.

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