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Does Aspier only assist people who are on the spectrum? I never thought of myself as an ‘Aspie’ before.

Aspier has assisted hundreds of individuals who aren’t diagnosed with Asperger’s, and don’t appear to be ‘Aspie like’. ELP may be the common thread of several diagnoses, but we find that ELP can wreak havoc for anyone.

What exactly is ELP?

ELP is an acronym for Excessive Logistical Processing. In short, this often presents as an inner inflexibility that does not allow the individual to make behavioral and social choices using the same emotional intuitiveness, or ‘social logic’, that many of us take for granted.

What approach does Aspier use in the treatment of Asperger’s or other ELP issues?

Aspier customizes established, trusted modalities in the treatment of their clients. Cognitive Behavior Therapy and ACT Acceptance Therapy are just a few of these. Until now, these modalities in their conventional forms did not seem particularly efficacious in the treatment of ASD. Aspier has been in the forefront of using a multi-pronged approach to tailor these very techniques for the more effective treatment of ASD and other ELP issues.

My 15-year-old daughter has always seemed to struggle socially. Can ASPIER help her?

Yes, the goal of Aspier isn’t to simply label individuals as ELPers. Rather, it’s to help uncover any ‘core issue’ that may be responsible for your child’s social deficiencies. That way, they can finally get the help they need, customized to the unique balance of those issues.

Marriage counseling is not resolving problems the way I was told it would. My husband just doesn’t understand how his rigidities are impacting our relationship. I’m not even sure he’d agree that he’s rigid. Can Aspier help?

Yes. Often, the first assumption by any marriage therapist is that the presenting issues are indeed issues within the marriage, or ‘marital discord’. While this can be the case, many times the issue is a lack of flexibility in one party. That lack needs to be addressed first and foremost before any other therapy can be effective.

My 9-year-old son throws huge tantrums if things do not go his way. I’ve tried everything, followed all sorts of advice, and nothing has worked. Is that normal? Is it just a phase?

A: Explosive reactions in children are a symptom of some other core issue. Anxiety or ADHD are some common labels that kids receive to explain their behaviors. However, this is often not the full picture. Sometimes it’s actually undiagnosed ASD or other inflexibilities that can be lurking underneath. Aspier will perform a thorough evaluation to identify what condition, if any, is provoking this behavior. Once the root is better understood, Aspier will create a specialized treatment plan addressing your son’s needs.

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