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Inspiring Heart for the Aspiring Mind

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Aspier (pronounced ‘aspire’) is a movement committed to the treatment of all types of rigidities by increasing flexibility and encouraging the development of social skills necessary to progress in all facets of life, including personal relationships. Aspier was founded as a resource for individuals and their loved ones seeking support, answers, and treatment options for a range of behavioral and emotional complexities.

Daniel Ifrah, LCSW, is the founder of, a movement focused on improving quality of life for those managing Asperger’s Syndrome, ASD, Communication Disorders and other rigidity issues such as ELP. From the onset of his 15 years in clinical practice, Daniel began by cultivating a strong reputation working with common disorders such as OCD and anxiety. He then expanded his specialty by training under Dr. Winnie Lau PhD, the protégé of Professor Tony Attwood PhD, in Brisbane, Au. These world-renowned experts are pioneers in the field and are at the forefront of cutting-edge ASD research. Daniel has become well known for his strong niche in diagnosing and treating; Communication Disorders, Aspergers/ASD Spectrum, and other Rigidity issues.

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Among Daniel's achievements is the development of several clinical protocols. Identifying core issues, The Comprehensive Social Skills/Communication Learning System, and his Flexibility Program, have become part of the Aspier regimen. More recently, he has researched the Emotional and Logical Ratio. 

Daniel continues to broaden his skill-based approaches in clinical practice to treat an even wider range of issues.

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Our Mission

Aspier is a movement providing mental health resources and treatment. Aspier assists individuals who are attempting to manage disorders which hinder them from becoming open, flexible, and connectable partners and friends. Through the innovation of traditional therapeutic techniques, Aspier seeks to increase emotional awareness while decreasing rigidities associated with (but not limited to), ASD, Asperger’s, OCD, ADHD, and Anxiety. Aspier, educates, evaluates, and treats; bolstering social success and emotional growth, promoting productivity and happiness.

Some of our specialties include:


ASD - Autistic Spectrum Disorder


Dating coaching

Decreased Empathic Connectivity (low empathy)

ELP and rigidty-type issues

Limited Emotional Processing

Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder

OCD and Anxiety

Parenting and behavioral issues

Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder

Social Skills

Meet Our Team.

Aspier is proud of our highly trained Board Certified Licensed Psychotherapists. In addition to their own talented skillset, all of our clinicians have undergone rigorous training in the diagnosis and treatment of ASD and ELP issues.

Our team is comprised of dedicated clinicians rich with individual passion, talent and skill. Our collaborative expertise ensures that most emotional issues can be confidently treated in-house.

Daniel Profile

Daniel Ifrah

LCSW, Founder

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Yisroel Meir Miller


Ahuva Weinman

Ahuva Weiman

MSW, Psy.M


Rina Balsam



Yehuda Neuman 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Although I respect the therapeutic process, I just felt like my therapy experiences were very slow go, sometimes spending months on my issues of the past. How might this be different?
    While we utilize several evidence-based modalities such CBT, ACT and DBT; our sessions are uniquely packaged with a strong behavioral approach. You can also expect some weekly “homework” to ensure your session has practical carry-over in real -time.
  • Does Aspier treat some of the more common issues such as anxiety, OCD, and depression?
    Of course! Our motto is that every excellent specialist began by being an excellent general practitioner. We diagnose and treat a whole host of diagnoses. In addition, our highly trained clinicians each bring their own skill and expertise, collaboratively specializing in a wide range of typical and not-so-typical issues.
  • Have you ever heard about OCD symptoms that hasn’t responded successfully to conventional OCD therapy such as exposure/response prevention?
    Yes! OCD-like symptoms can mimic and ultimately be diagnosed as OCD when in fact it is not. Small nuances can actually make the difference between an OCD diagnosis or something entirely different. Alternate possibilities can range from rigid- type issues such as ELP all the way to OCPD. We specialize in determining the difference between genuine and imitation OCD and have a high success rate in the treatment of both.
  • My child is in desperate need of social skills. Can you help?
    Social skills are certainly a big part of our reputation. Nevertheless, we don’t just teach social skills. If your child failed to pick up appropriate social skills throughout his or her developmental stages, the real question becomes - why?Just reteaching skills that he was told over and over again would be redundant and ineffective. We need to identify the core issue of what held your child back from learning social skills by osmosis. Once we have conceptualized what’s missing then we can work from the ground up and begin repairing.
  • I never thought of my child on the spectrum. Does being rigid or a lack of social skills mean He's on the spectrum?
    Absolutely not! ASD is defined by a cluster of specific characteristics with defined levels of intensity and frequency. Tendencies such as being rigid does not automatically demand a diagnosis. In fact, we are less about labeling and more about treating individuals.
  • We have been around the block so many times trying to get a handle on my son’s issues. We’ve heard everything from language issues to low self-esteem. Is there any point in trying Aspier?
    Unfortunately, your situation is not an uncommon one. We understand how emotionally and financially draining it is to search and just not get answers. Our passion is to make sense of every case we treat. Any treatment without some conceptualizing of the root issues is nothing more than shooting in the dark. It is with this philosophy that we spent years developing and perfecting our innovative assessment protocol. The more thorough in identifying the core issue, the more precise and effective the treatment plan. It's that simple.
  • We struggle tremendously with our daughters out of control aggression. Sometimes we feel the entire house is walking on eggshells, trying to tiptoe around her behaviors. We've tried various parenting courses to no avail. Is there any hope?
    In general, most reactions can be broken down to emotional and/or behavioral processes. At Aspier, we take pride in having a thorough understanding of both. Before any recommendations, we thoroughly asses for the emotional:behavioral ratio. Responding emotionally to behavioral issues or vice versa can be ineffective at best and damaging at worst.
  • My husband and I have been to numerous therapists to address struggles in our marriage. Unfortunately, with very little results. I just feel like we wasted so much time, effort, and money, yet no one really “gets it”. Can you help?
    I cannot tell you how many times we have heard this exact extremely painful scenario. Not all issues in a marriage can be treated as a marriage issue. Our protocol in dealing with these highly sensitive situations most likely differ from anything you’ve experienced in the past. After assessing elements such as communication, flexibility, and emotional insight, we can then determine how Aspier can help.
  • A loved one seems to have a limited EQ aka Emotional Intelligence. There also appears to be a lower level of empathy for others. Is this treatable?
    Yes. This too requires a thorough evaluation, including our rating scale for emotional and empathy functionality. Depending on the results, we have pioneered a treatment protocol specifically designed to increase levels of emotional connectivity as well as empathy enhancement.

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