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Meet Daniel

Founder of Aspier

Daniel Ifrah, LCSW provides mental health services and resources in the mental health field. He has years of experience in a broad range of disorders, including Anxiety, OCD, ADHD, and other behavioral issues.

In 2013 Daniel founded (pronounced ‘aspire’). Aspier educates and treats any rigidity-issue through increasing flexibility and nurturing the development of emotional feeling. These skills along with fostering social-skills, facilitates success in all endeavors and relationships. To this end, he also treats couples where one party is managing ASD, Asperger’s, or any other ELP issue.
As the occurrence of high-functioning autism has risen substantially in recent years, Daniel has been at the forefront in using skills, both innovative and established, to effectively treat Asperger’s and Autistic Spectrum Disorders. 


Daniel’s philosophy is that in order to be a great specialist, one must first be an effective practitioner. As such, he has spent 15 years in practice, cultivating a fine reputation working with common disorders such as OCD and Anxiety. This is a unique niche, as ASD and other rigid type behaviors have a high comorbidity rate with Anxiety, OCD, as well as Behavioral issues.

Over the past several years, Daniel has become well known for his effective assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of; Aspergers/ASD Spectrum and Communication Disorders, Alexithymia, and Low Empathy. 

His work at Aspier has successfully liberated many individuals – of all ages – who have been impacted by rigid behaviors and social issues. His unique approach treating these issues involve a balanced combination of established modalities such as CBT, ACT, Behavior Activation, and Behavior Modification. ​

Daniel’s uncanny ability to connect with clients has earned him the reputation of ‘the go to therapist’, even when they may have experienced unsuccessful outcomes in past therapeutic settings. Sometimes, getting “unstuck” is the key to achieve what was believed to be unattainable. 

Daniel believes that there are several different factors necessary to achieve positive outcomes. Clinical skills and technique are of paramount importance. Fine-tuning technique, consistent training, and quality supervision are part of any competent therapists’ career.

It all begins the very moment the client walks into the room. Cultivating that therapeutic relationship is crucial for lasting change and personal growth. It is within that setting that therapeutic techniques are utilized to reach goals. This dynamic is not a mere prerequisite for success, rather, it upgrades conventional therapeutic skills into super-powered highly effective interventions. 

Daniel currently resides with his wife and children in the town of Lakewood, New Jersey.

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